Cutis Biotech is a new face in the dermatology community and will provide innovative products and fresh ideas that meet unmet physician and patient needs. The company endeavours to provide quality healthcare and offer innovative solutions in the field of Dermatology. At Cutis Biotech, dermatological formulations are developed, manufactured and marketed for the care and treatment of a wide range of Skin disorders as acne, melasma, hair care, anti-aging vitiligo, bacterial and fungal skin infections, scabies & pediculosis, eczema, urticaria, dry skin, psoriasis and other corticosteroid responsive dermatoses. Wide range of quality skin care products has delighted the dermatological fraternity, and also earned their patronage and goodwill. Cutis Biotech, is an ethical pharmaceutical company that entered the dermatology market in 2010. Cutis Biotech operates throughout the commercial value chain from regulatory approval and product launch to lifecycle management. We also differentiate our company in our reliance on research and development, in our commitment to using input from physicians to shape our focus and future direction, and in our support of the dermatology community. Overall, we are optimistic & bullish about the future. We have made significant investments in new businesses, which will derive future growth.